I'm not sure if there's much point to this one, but just in case someone ever needs it- here's a page that lists all Chinese homophones, with a page for each word length: http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/homophones

I am defining homophones as words with identical pinyin. You can choose whether or not tones should be ignored by selecting the appropriate option.

My HSK list browsing script took a step closer to being a real dictionary. I added:
  • Pinyin (tones optional) search, no wildcards yet
  • English (definition) search
  • All of the searches are done from the same edit field, very few things will match both English and pinyin, if they do you'll get 
  • Greying out of words/chars that only have frequency information and no dictionary entries
  • Added pinyin and definitions to the tooltip text for all characters/words.
  • Colouring of links to HSK list pages

And it's still lighting fast, and as before shows CC-CEDICT definitions, character composition, and word compounds. Give it a try 现在! http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/cidian?q=%E7%8E%B0%E5%9C%A8

The HSK list web pages and mini dictionary that appears when you click on words and characters in the pages have had a quick overhaul. There is a new option at the top of the page to ’expand‘ the characters and words to include frequency, radical, HSK version and definition information for every character displayed.

Thanks Davide for reminding me to give that script some attention!

Give the expanded versions of the pages a try:

HSK Chars: http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/hskchars2012?expand=yes
HSK Words: http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/hskwords2012?expand=yes
Dictionary: http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/cidian?expand=yes&q=%E8%83%BD

In my last post I announced some new Pleco English-English user dictionaries. Here's a guide that shows how to install these dictionaries in Pleco 3.0.

Step 1: Get the zip file into Pleco

  • Open the Web Reader in Pleco from the Navigation Pane->READER->Open Document->Web Reader.
  • Navigate to http://hskhsk.com/dictionaries (1)
  • Click on the download link. (2)
  • Click Open.  (3)
  • Click Save . (4)

I have created two English-English User dictionaries for use with Pleco. They are converted from Webster's Unabridged (1913) and WordNet 3.0 (2006). You can download them here! I also wrote a quick guide to installing them in Pleco 3.0.