As well as learning the vocabulary for each HSK level, you have to learn how to use the words in a sentence. For some words such as nouns this is pretty obvious, but some verbs and other harder to classify words can only really be learned by example. I have created files which give example sentences for HSK levels 1-3, but even if you aren't studying for the HSK they might be useful for you.

You can either browse these files to verify that you understand the usage examples or import them into a flashcard testing app. There are versions formatted for both Pleco and for Hanzi StickyStudy. The formats are simple tab-separated and it shouldn't be hard to modify them for other flashcard programs.  I mentioned this file before, but I have added English translations for level 3, and started adding my own example sentences for a few of the level 3 words where the usage isn't completely obvious.


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